Have you ever wandered through long corridors and rooms of the famous museums, such as the Louvre, the State Hermitage, or the British Museum, feeling exhausted and even bored? You were, probably, looking at long lines of sculptures, paintings, and artwork, thinking, ‘God, does this ever end?’ I am sure that this scenario happened to you at least once. Maybe you have already seen all or at least the majority of the World’s famous museums and exhibitions. Maybe you want something more adventurous, different or simply weird. If that’s the case, here is the list of top 5 weird museums for you to visit.


1. Torture Museum, Amsterdam

Terrific displays of the Torture Museum in Amsterdam include gadgetry used mostly in medieval. Instruments of torture, like a rusty guillotine, stretching tables, screws to crush your fingers, your head and any other body part and a chair of nails, invoke feelings of horror. And if anyone wondered what some instruments were used for, there is a vivid explanation along with the paintings showing how they were used to cause maximum pain. Although it was reality less than two centuries ago, the death penalty still exists in some countries around the world.

2. Museum of Funeral Carriages, Barcelona

Visitors of the Museum of Funeral Carriages in Barcelona have to check in with the Municipal Funeral Services first. Then security guard escorts the visitors in the basement of the Municipal Funeral Services, where the museum is located. Perhaps the procedure to get there along with the exhibition itself, contributes to the grave atmosphere. The exhibition includes the collection of hearses, some of which date back to the 18th century.


3. The Meguro Parasite Museum, Tokyo

If you are not parasitology specialist, then the Meguro Parasite Museum in Tokyo will be weird to you. It includes collection of 300 parasites, chosen by parasitology scientists and it is a parasitology research center. You would be amazed to see a 30-foot tapeworm pulled out from the body of a 40-year-old Yokohama man, or a photo of testicles with a parasite infection.

 4. Museum of Broken Relationships, Zagreb

When two artists broke up they end up with small, sentimental things from their relationship. They decided to exhibit what’s left from their relationship and turn emotions of grief and loss into art. That is how the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb emerged. Now people around the world contribute items from their broken relationships to the museum. You will see and read very personal, true stories and you won’t leave the museum indifferent.


5. Pollock’s Toy Museum, London

The collection of the Pollock’s Toy Museum in London includes selection of dolls, toy soldiers, cars, truck, puppets, toy theatres, string puppets, jack-in-the-boxes, teddy bears and doll’s houses, mostly from the Victorian time and early 20th century. You may wonder, ‘What’s weird about toys?’ Well, the very atmosphere of the museum is slightly bizarre. And the dolls staring at you, with their eyes wide open, look creepy.

Photo Credit: www.catmorley.comRobert Nyman,  Guilhem Vellut and Kevin Gessner