Almost all working people I know have their own cars and they prefer driving rather than commute. Well who can blame them? We prefer to seat at the comfort of our own cars and go to work as usual. But since we live in a busy era we tend to do things mostly in our cars and sometimes we are doing things that we didn’t know already distracts us. Are you one of the “distracted” drivers? Read more to find out.


We all wanted to have a jam going on while driving just give us a boost in the morning and get all the happy energy out but dont you know that the biggest distraction in a car is noise? According to the survey, 20% says that classical music is the least distracting and 16% prefers to not listen to anything at all to avoid distraction. But to some they prefer to listen to heavy metal, electronic and rock because it gives them the boost they need for the morning but they are really the most distracting music to listen to.



We all love a quick to go food every now and then so takeaways are the way to go! 32% of us eat while driving (mainly lunch) while 27% munch on chocolates and sweets. But we all need to have both our hands free while driving, we don’t know when we will suddenly take a turn or hit the brakes especially when there are people around.

Applying Makeup

This has been a thing for awhile, women to to apply makeup while driving to save time! This habit is really bad because we all know too well that you must keep your eyes on the road and be aware of your surroundings while driving. So for me, I prefer going to my workplace first, park and apply a quick makeup fix to avoid any incident.

If you are guilty of any of these why not take a chance and instead, use public transport and rideshare options like Lyft or Uber. Of if you are on of the Good Drivers and want to earn an extra during free time, lease your car with Hyundai contract hire.

An  infographic with the hashtag #UKDrivingDistractions is seen below that discusses the Bad habits that car drivers have. Do you do any of them? See for your self below:

Driving-habits-of-the-UK - Leasecar