Portugal is one of those places proves that size does not matter. This country may be smaller compared to its neighbours, but it is rich with its pretty medieval villages, beautiful and historical cities, gorgeous beaches, and lush landscapes. Be warned, if you choose to read on you might find yourself looking at cheap holidays to Portugal with Monarch. Here are my favourite places in Portugal:


1. Lisbon

Lisbon pretty much has everything – rich history, wonderful architecture, quaint shops and cafes, upbeat culture and vibrant nightlife. Oh and great shopping. Ride a tram to explore the streets of Lisbon. You’ll be surprised by how much you can see with 10€ worth of tram fare. Some parts of Lisbon are best seen while you’re walking such as the old district of Alfama and the garden of Principe Real.

Since Lisbon is quite small, you can visit the important sights of the old city in just two days. The Agua Livres aquaduct, Jeronimos Monastery, Torre de Belem, and the Convento do Carmo are few of Lisbon’s historical landmarks.

2. Lagos and Lagoa

Algarve is one of the best tourist hubs in Portugal. It is known for its Mediterranean-like atmosphere with its cliff top villages, pretty olive groves, and rock outcroppings on its beaches. Sure, there are plenty of places that you could visit in the Algarve region. But you must check out the beautiful coasts at Lagos and Logoa. You would find this breathtaking stretch of golden sand, kissed by the turquoise seas, and surrounded by these huge, cream-coloured cliffs.

Sintra Portugal

3. Sintra

Think of the castles at Disneyland – that’s what you’ll find at Sintra, only much better. It’s amazing how this one small place is filled with a handful of the best things that you’d see in Portugal. Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is undeniably worth to be declared as such. You must not fail to visit these sites while you’re in Sintra: Sintra National Palace, Castle of the Moors, Quinta da Regaleira, Seteais Palace, and the Penas National Palace.

4. Alentejo

The Alentejo Region spreads over a large land area in Southern Portugal. This is a great destination for you to escape to, escpecially if you’re longing for long drives at the Portuguese countryside. Alentejo is home to vast vine yards and wheat fields. The historic city of Évora is part of the region. It is there that you would see another UNESCO World Heritage site, which is a Roman temple that was built 2000 years ago. You might also want to visit Capela do Ossos in Evora, a huge ossuary for nuns and monks who died hundreds of years ago.

5. Guimarães

This is another historical city that can be found at the northern part of Portugal. Guimarães is known for its well-preserved medieval architecture like the Palace of the Dukes of Braganza. The other old buildings are also in good condition and many of the streets are cobbled.

Whether you choose in Portugal, you’ll be spoiled for choice in terms of excellent cuisine, affordable transport, warm weather, and lots of cultural sites.