Could you imagine anything more romantic than the slow pace of cruising down a river in Europe, watching the beautiful scenery pass you by as you enjoy the company of someone special? No? Me either! There are so many¬†stunning European river cruises too choose from that you can find one that suits your budget and holiday length perfectly. This is a really unique and interesting way to travel Europe, that allows a totally difference experience to what you’d have in a bus, train or plane. Read on for the top reasons to enjoy a European river cruise:

1) It’s ultra relaxing

There are all different types of holidays you might take: adventure holidays, romantic holidays, good family holidays crammed with a lot of activities for the kids and then there are my favourite type of holidays: the relaxing holidays. Spending a few days or even a few weeks, gently cruising down a river, stopping off at interesting places along the way, is definitely my idea of a relaxing holiday.

2) Super romantic

Is there much better than cruising down a beautiful river in Europe with the sun setting as you’re enjoying a glass of wine? This rates pretty highly on my list of top romantic experiences to enjoy with a partner. Because everything’s taken care of for you on the cruise, you don’t have to worry about rushing across town to check into accommodation or ensuring you make the next transfer, it’s low stress so you can focus on that special someone you’re enjoying your holiday with.


3) Great Value

You might think river cruises, especially throughout Europe, come with a high price tag but the truth is you can shop around and find yourself exceptional deals. Often companies will offer deals for buying in advance, or if they have any cruises that are aren’t quite full yet, you can get a good deal on those too. Check around online and see what’s on offer, you’ll be surprised by how affordable it can really be.

4) An Exciting Way to See Somewhere New

The experience of traveling on a river is so different to land. There’s the obvious fact that most roads are no way near as picturesque as rivers, but you’ll also pass through different villages, towns and cities along the way. Even if you’ve visited many of the cities or towns on the itinerary, you’ll get an entirely different perspective from your river cruise.

So if you’re looking for a special holiday that’s low stress, great value and really relaxing then a European river cruise might be exactly what you’re looking for.