Seeing Australia by car is the perfect way to travel. Many areas of this huge country are remote enough that if you want to enjoy the quiet and splendour of the landscape you’ll need to be relatively self-sufficient.

Sure, an Australian road trip will require some planning, and with such huge distances to cross, you’ll probably take twice as long as you think, but a road trip will be definitely be both interesting and rewarding.

Here’s why you should take a road trip in Australia:


Travel is cheaper with a group

If you plan a road trip you can travel with three or four friends, and you’ve got a full car. Split the cost in four or five ways, and rental car costs, toll costs, petrol costs, and hotel stays become much cheaper than a bunch of one way flight tickets plus accommodation and public transport.

Flying also adds on plenty of inconvenience and further costs such as checked luggage which are easy to forget about.

Road trips offer more flexibility and freedom

Taking a road trip means you have the freedom to stop and take pictures, travel at your own speed, and skip destinations if you so please. If the locals recommend somewhere that you absolutely must go, it’s easy to change your plans, making the trip more impulsive and adventurous.

See the landscape

The problem with flying? You’re missing all of the amazing landscape which you could be exploring. Australia has incredible scenery, with thousands of kilometres of red dirt, gorgeous coastal roads, and lush bush just waiting to be found.


No advance booking necessary

Road trips are often last-minute decisions, and we all know that last-minute flights are bound to break the bank. Planning a road trip can be done with just a few days of notice, which saves you money and allows you to be as spontaneous as you like.

Throw some camping gear in the boot, and in the unlikely event that you can’t find a hotel you can simply get back to nature and sleep under the stars.

Travel without the stress

Flying can be stressful. You often have to arrive at the airport at an ungodly hour, separate your liquids, remove your laptop, check your baggage, remember your ID, and finally end up sitting next to someone who either won’t be quiet, or thinks your shoulder is an ideal spot for a nap.

Taking a road trip is the opposite experience. Have a big night last night? Simply sleep in and get started a little later. Feeling good and want to keep driving? As long as you’ve had enough rest you can drive for hours.

Road trips put the control back in your hands, and mean that you can have a relaxed travel experience, focusing on your surroundings and enjoying the scenery and wildlife in this vast country.

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