Health and fitness has become an issue of concern today, where lifestyle diseases are on the rise. Exercising and especially in the gym has helped improve the lifestyle of many, by making them live healthier lives. Training in the gym however, is different for men and women. Men and women are different physically; therefore, they both have different preconceived notions about workouts and different workout strategies.

Men are likely to work harder in the gym to achieve more muscle unlike women. Therefore, men are likely to work harder by doing heavy lifting, engaging in competitive sports and pushing themselves to the extreme in order to gain more muscle. On the other hand, women work out at the gym is not the same since they aim at achieving more of a mind body exercise. Here are some of the workouts in the gym:

Weight lifting

Weight lifting is one of the main workouts that is done in the gym. It is a strenuous activity with a lot of energy required especially when lifting heavy weights. Women are less likely to get involved in weight lifting. Weight lifting helps your muscles get bigger. Men like bigger muscles and they make them feel confident unlike women.

Men have hormones that help them have larger upper strength hence they are able to develop bigger upper muscles. Women cannot lift as much weight as men can. This is because the composition of women is different from that of men. However, if women want to train as hard as the men do, they can but that leads to muscle growth of muscles. Women aim at achieving a beautiful, well-toned body that does not look manly.

Differences in the way women and men train in the gym

Women and men train differently at the gym. The body of men and that of women is different with their waist in and the hips being out. The way the body of women and men are structured, matters a lot during exercising. In exercises that involve the feet, men are likely to do their leg work out while their knees and feet are apart. Men’s knees will not fall outwards. When doing the same activity for women they have to position their waist accordingly.

Workouts that require gym trainers

At the gym, there are workouts that require gym trainers for you to do them well and in the right position. Body alignment is very important. With the right training women can do more workouts daily compared to men. Women aim at achieving flexibility unlike men, and that is the reason they need trainers at the gym. The workouts that make people more flexible do not require the use of weights. There are activities that involve stretching, pace, as well as intensity.

For men, some activities in the gym might require having a personal trainer, for example, weighted battle ropes, kettle bells and suspension strap. With the help of a trainer, you are likely to train faster and achieve better results.

Both Men & Women are likely to travel distances for the right gym and the right fitness trainers. Some may stick to their own local area. I.E if an individual is living in York, they are more likely to visit a gym in York and go their on a regular basis as oppose to travelling further out.