The key to finding success in sales is not having a fancy close, it’s not being an extroverted life of the party, and it’s not having more sales leads. The most successful sales people are those who are relentless about follow up. The statistics are shocking. It’s estimated that 25% of sale people quit after the first call. Research also shows that it takes 8-9 sales calls before a prospect closes. There are even stories of people contacting a company through their website because they’re interested in buying and no sales people ever call them. Here are some helpful tips to staying on top of your sales leads and following up until close.

1. Perseverance Mindset

The main problem with the lack of follow ups is a poor mindset. Many sales reps don’t have the motivation or drive to make those follow up calls. It’s hard to constantly reach out, only to be ignored. But that’s what sales is all about. It’s pinging people until they take the next step with you. It can be hard not to give up, but just remember, if you’re not following up with them, some other sales rep is. And its usually the most persistent bird that catches the worm. It can be grueling picking up the phone and sending out emails day in and day out, while being mostly ignored. But that is just a part of being a sales professional.

2. Stay Organized

When there are hundreds of sales leads in the pipe, it can be difficult to not let any of them fall through the cracks. That’s why it’s helpful to have a customer relationship management tool (CRM). offers a free CRM tool that can help organize and track sales leads so the follow ups don’t fall through the cracks. When you’re juggling multiple accounts, opportunities and potentially hundreds of sales leads, it can get difficult to keep tabs on all of them. A CRM tool like this can help facilitate the follow ups and keep you on track to close those sales leads. Many sales reps fail to follow up simply because they are not organized. When a lead falls through the cracks, they become cold and you have to warm them up again which takes even more time and effort.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Rejection

Many sales reps don’t follow up because they fear rejection. When they have a warm or qualified lead, it’s excited to know that there’s a possibility of closing and winning a new account. The problem is letting go of that hope to pick up the phone and call the prospect. By following up, there is a chance that they will reject you and you’ll fail to close them. That’s a reality that runs in the subconscious of most reps and that is why they can easily procrastinate in following up with them. Not only is this a reality, it’s actually likely they’ll reject you. Most sales leads won’t close. Most people will say they are not interested. No one has a more than 50% close rate on their leads. That would be a dream. It may even mean something is broken if that many leads are closing. That being said, that also means inherent that most people won’t buy. And it’s that reality that causes many sales reps to stop following up. As long as they aren’t contacted, they can’t say no.

Follow ups are the most important and the most neglected aspect of sales. If you are persistent in following up, you will close deals even if you’re not a great sales person.