I was pretty lucky when I moved to Australia, I found a job really quickly and although I wouldn’t say it’s my dream job, it pays well enough for me to enjoy living here and to have the option to travel around which is all I really wanted. You’ll be surprised by the number of travellers who decide to do a working holiday in Australia, there is really a lot of them. That is good and bad, because it means there are more competition for the jobs, but then there’s also a number of resources set up to help you find a job more quickly. Here are my tips for finding a job in Australia:

Check out Seek.com.au

Seek is a website that is one of the main job posting boards in both Australia and New Zealand. There’s a range of jobs hosted on here, from skilled work right down to bar tending or shopkeeping. You can search by categories, which can make it quite helpful if you have a particularly skill set you’d like to use in Australia. Often you’ll have to electronically file a CV and then you’ll be called to an interview if they are interested.

Go Through a Recruitment Company

This is actually the route I took, as I find it easier. Recruitment companies are paid when they match employers up with employees, which means that their livelihood depends on finding people like you jobs. I decided to go down this route while in Australia because for me it was important that I found a job quickly and I thought this would be the quickest route. Often the recruitment agencies will interview you first, before suggesting you for specific jobs. That speeds up the process as you don’t have to do initial interviews for each position, just the one. I was able to find a job I really liked within 2.5 weeks going down this route, so if you’re pressed for time and want something as soon as possible, this might be the best choice.

Walking Around

You can walk around suburbs and the city centre looking for retail or shop positions and then applying on the spot. This approach works well for many people, but I feel it is a bit of a stab in the dark and somewhat inefficient. Once bonus is that you’ll get a good feel for the city you’re in and you can target businesses that are close to your house.

While the mining peak in Australia that lead to so many jobs being created is somewhat on the decline, there’s still a lot of jobs available if you’re determined and motivated. All in all, in my experience the Australian job market seems a lot more open that than back in the UK.

Photo Credit: tim phillips and stoofstraat