In the past few weeks, I’ve been preparing for interviews  – it’s hard work. I’ve decided to leave my current job and I’m looking for something that will challenge me more, allow me to grow in my career and move forward with my life. Preparing for an interview is stressful and I find myself becoming really anxious, especially if it’s a job I really want. I’ve been researching top tips for preparing for an interview for my own knowledge and I found a few of them helpful, so I thought I’d share with you. Here are the tips I’ve found most effective:

Job Interview
Do Your Research:

Don’t worry about spending hours researching, but spend maybe 30-60 minutes researching their company, their mission statement and what their values are. The person interviewing you will be thoroughly impressed if you show that you’ve taken the initiative to learn more about their company. It also shows that you are serious and committed to the position. If you can, prepare some questions about the company based on what you’ve read to show that you’re really thought about things – like asking where the company plans to be in five years etc.

Think About What the Position Can Offer You:

Every job and promotion you have, should benefit you too. Too often people get stuck in the mentality of thinking about what they can offer their future/potential employer, but it’s equally important to ask what the future employer can offer you. You should walk away from any position feeling like you’ve learned something, improved something and honed some skills. Ask the interviewer what kind of opportunities their company offer for certain skills you’ve developed in previous positions, what kind of ongoing educational opportunities there are and what benefits you can enjoy from the position.

Be Eager but not Desperate:

There’s a delicate line between being really, really interested in the position and being desperate. Chances are, if the company wants you they’ll let you know and make it pretty clear. But sometimes, employers have a few candidates that fit the bill quite well and maybe you’re one of them too. It can be tactful to follow up after an interview with a question, a few days later. If they say they’ll get back to you by Tuesday and they haven’t, follow up on Wednesday. Don’t be overbearing, but be interested – it can make all the difference.

Do you have any tips for dealing with interviews? Let me know in the comments below! Good luck landing your dream job and wish me luck too.


Photo Credit: Renee BertrandSusanne13 and HZ University of Applie